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How to train at home? Effective workout program for girls

Full body workout at home is suitable for beginners. This program will allow you to work out all the muscles of the body. Sport-Express, together with a professional fitness trainer Olga Shevyakova, has prepared for you a special set of exercises, which consists of twelve series.

Before reading this issue, we invite you to watch our previous series (links to them at the end of the text). In the first and second lessons, the readers of “SE” went through an introductory excursion, and they were introduced to the methodology for performing basic exercises. From the third lesson, the load began to become more intense. In the fourth, circuit training was held, and in the fifth, new exercises were added. The sixth issue has become one of the most difficult and interesting. Today’s workout will be multifunctional and very energy-intensive.

Do not forget that regularity and patience will help you quickly achieve success on the path to an ideal body.

How to train at home

Before starting a workout, first of all, you need to mentally tune in to work. It is also necessary to observe a number of the following recommendations:

  • Get enough sleep;
  • Drink water;
  • Eat right;
  • Exercise regularly;
  • Choose a convenient time for training;
  • Do a warm-up and hitch;
  • Train in sportswear;
  • Ventilate the room;
  • Do n’t overeat before exercising.

What you need for training

  1. dumbbells (2 or 3 kg);
  2. sports mat.

This multifunctional workout is suitable for all beginners with a basic level of training. If some exercises are difficult to perform, reduce the load/number of repetitions.

Going into a plank from a standing position: warm-up

Olga Shevyakova. Photo "SE"

Exercise for the muscles of the back, legs, abs, and chest.

Starting position: standing, feet shoulder-width apart.

Olga Shevyakova. Photo "SE"

Slowly lower yourself into a semi-squat position and place your hands on the floor. Then take a few steps forward with your hands, assuming a plank position, and return back, fully straightening.

Do 10 reps.

Jumping lunges with a change of legs: the main part

Olga Shevyakova. Photo "SE"

Exercise for the thigh muscles.

Starting position: put the right foot (or left) back on the toe, and make the other supporting.

Olga Shevyakova. Photo "SE"

Lunge back. Push with your right hip and switch legs as you jump.

Do 30 reps.

Twisting with twist

Olga Shevyakova. Photo "SE"

Exercise for the muscles of the press (lateral) and back.

Starting position: lying on your back, legs resting on the floor. Hands are behind the head.

Perform twisting, turning the body towards the opposite thigh. Rise and touch the floor with your lower back, returning to the starting position. The lower back should not come off the floor during the exercise.

Do 20 repetitions.

Lunges to the side with weights

Olga Shevyakova. Photo "SE"

Exercise for the muscles of the legs and arms. Can be done with dumbbells.

Starting position: standing, in the hands of dumbbells (two / one / without dumbbells).

From a standing position, take a step to the side, take the pelvis back, and sit on one thigh – while inhaling. Push with your left buttock and come back – on the exhale.

Do 10 repetitions for each leg.


Olga Shevyakova. Photo "SE"

Exercise for the muscles of the arms and chest. Can be done from the knees.

Starting position: stand in a plank position and place your hands wider than your shoulders.

Lower yourself deeply to about a 90-degree angle at your elbows.

Back lunges and dumbbell raises

Olga Shevyakova. Photo "SE"

Olga Shevyakova. Photo “SE”

Exercise for the muscles of the legs and arms. Can be performed with two dumbbells (high difficulty) or with one.

Starting position: standing, take dumbbells in your hands.

Put one foot back – perform a lunge – raise your arms with dumbbells. Return to the starting position and do the same with the other leg.

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